Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Collaborative Wiki: Sharing Perspectives

What a great opportunity the PDS boys have as they team up with their Nespelem friends to improve on their writing skills! The focus of their writing collaboration will be how to write with a purpose and audience in mind and how all writers express themselves using a unique voice and style. They will also see the importance of writing in organized ways as they strive for the great development of their ideas. The best part of all is that they will learn in an authentic way that is most meaningful. We look forward to reflecting, providing positive feedback, and learning more about our writing partners who are over 2,ooo miles away!

We are thinking critically when we

* weigh the influences of motives and bias, and
* recognize our own assumptions, prejudices, biases, or point of view

I was:
Reviewing the past thoughts: Our actions reflect what we know and believe at the time; reflect on your past ideas, thoughts, feelings, beliefs before your interaction with other ethnic groups and cultures.

What did you know, think, and feel before you began learning about other ethnic groups?

I am:
Understanding the present change: After an experience, reflect on how the experience affects (changes, revises, renews, validates) your own ideas and values.

How have your ideas, knowledge, and feelings changed after working with and learning from another ethnic group?

I will:
Making the future happen: decide to act in ways that demonstrate the values you believe in. To change your future and that of others, make a conscious effort towards sharing and being what has been learned.

How will you set examples and influence others in positive ways based on your current ideas, knowledge and feelings?

How do these ideas, knowledge, and feelings help you make decisions about the the acceptance of other cultures and ethnicities in the future?

Perspectives: I Was, I Am, I Will

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