Monday, October 10, 2011

Adv. or Prep?

In the following lesson,  the students are practicing using the same words as different parts of speech.  One sentence will contain a word functioning as a preposition and in the other sentence, the same word will be used as an adverb.

Choose five words from the list below.  Write two sentences for each word.  In one sentence use the word as an adverb.  In another similar sentence, use the word as a preposition.  After writing the sentences, choose your best example and add to wall wisher for further analysis. Go to and create an account using your current user name and password.  After you have finished, click on this link to add your example sentences:  Adv or Prep?

Prepositions of Choice
above under down
around on before
along in across

Example for using the word off.
Tom pulled his boots off.  (off has no object and therefore is functioning as an adverb.)
Tom picked up his boots off the floor. (off has the word floor as its object and therefore is functioning as a preposition.)

1.  Adverb
1. Preposition
2. Adverb
2. Preposition
3. Adverb
3. Preposition
4. Adverb
4. Preposition
5. Adverb
5. Preposition

Wall Wisher

I got this from Tom Barrett's website about the many different ways in which you can use Wall Wisher.  We are now participating in Global Virtual Classroom (GVC) where we will be working with others around the world and it has some great ideas for collaboration.

19 Interesting Ways to Use Wall Wisher