Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Planning Ahead: a Fifth-Grader's Perspective

All my life, I have strived to put myself in the best position that I could be in. I have an older brother who is about to go to the University of Illinois to play football. He had many offers from different colleges like Ole Miss, Memphis, and many others. Throughout this whole recruiting process, I’ve had many learning experiences as well. But there’s one thing that I’ve held on to, and that’s the grades that I have to have to succeed. While watching my brother do his school work, and play football, I wondered how I’ll be when I go to high school. Will I be a football star, and make excellent grades, and as a result get a lot of offers? Or will I be a football star and make poor grades, therefore get little offers? In life, most people don’t realize that our time is short. We are only on the earth for a little amount of time, then we're gone. The question God has for us is how will we spend our amount of time while we are here? Will we spend it out on the streets selling drugs and acting like fools? Or will we spend it making good decisions? All of it is up to us. I went on one Official Visit with my brother at the University of Memphis. It was a life time experience that I will never forget. Hopefully it will not be my last one. While I was touring the campus, I felt a little older. The classrooms where amazing, and I was really impressed with the school. The coaches were really nice, and treated us well by by feeding us gigantic steaks and baby-back ribs. They took us to the Grizzlies’ game, where we watched them play the Hornets. The life time experience was amazing. While going through this whole process I’ve realized that it’s up to me to be the best I want to be. And that I’ll have to work for it.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Problem/Project-Based Learning

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The boys have worked hard to complete the newly designed models of space shuttles, rockets, space suits, and space missions as they were problem-solvers and decision-makers throughout the whole process.

Watch the boys in action as they brainstorm their topic, find problems, hypothesize, research, find possible solutions and weigh the pros and cons of their decisions. They are truly amazing!! REFLECTION BLOG