Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Freelance Writers

My students have been working on freelance writing where they apply their grammar skills in context and then submit their final work to writing contests.  The following are examples of some of their work:

GenreTitleAuthorParticipated in the following Contest:
Adventure, FictionHuntedThomasAuthorstand
FictionThe Guardian
Guardian Part 2
Action/Adventure, FictionThe adventures of Carl and Whiskers: The EscapeJack F. and KyleAuthorstand
Short Story, FictionTroublesome WillyHenryAuthorstand
Mystery, FictionThe Silent CowbellSean G.Authorstand
Adventure, FictionThe ThiefCharlieAuthorstand
Mystery, FictionAll a MysteryGusAuthorstand
Mystery, FictionCrime at the PentagonRussellAuthorstand
Mystery, Action, FictionHopeRobert A.Authorstand
Short Story, FictionBudSpenceAuthorstand
Action, Historical FictionWartimeBenjaminAuthorstand
Short StoryThe Silver HeartTreAuthorstand
Mystery, FictionThe HauntedSeanAuthorstand
Short StoryThe Elf on the ShelfFoxAuthorstand
Short StoryBlood BucksSterlingAuthorstand
Short StoryThe Renowned RoomateRob M.Authorstand
Mystery, FictionMuseum RobberyJerryAuthorstand
Action/ComedyDay OffJamesAuthorstand
Short StoryThe ApprenticeReidAuthorstand
Action/ AdventureMy StoryColeAuthorstand
Short StoryThe Wal Mart Shopper StalkerRob M.Authorstand
Realistic FictionFreelanceSethAuthorstand
AdventureA Sacred TownDaltonAuthorstand