Thursday, March 27, 2014


I am trying this free assessment from QuizMaker that provides an HTML code for embedding it within a blog. I created a few sample test questions to try it out. So far, it seems like a quick, easy way to create quizzes for the teacher and learner to receive immediate feedback.

The Sentence

The Sentence



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  1. What is the purpose and function of subordinating conjunctions?

    They join two independent clauses for a compound sentence

    They create a complex sentence by joining a dependent and independent clause

    They create fragments

  2. What is the sentence combining strategy needed for the following: My jacket is from Italy. It is made from leather.

    Sentence combine using one word

    Sentence combine using a group of words

    Sentence combine using a conjunction

  3. Which of the following is an example of a comma splice?

    My family enjoys the beach we all soak up the sun.

    My family enjoys the beach, and we all soak up the sun.

    My family enjoys the beach, we all soak up the sun.