Saturday, December 27, 2008

Reflection Journals

We have been writing in reflection journals since the beginning of the year, and it is a great way to practice transferring thoughts to paper. Often the writing prompts elicit responses to essential questions that express a deeper understanding of grammar's importance for communicating effectively.

The first assignment of this year-long project involved modeling various ways for thoroughly reflecting and responding with a beginning, middle, and end to any given topic. Continuous practice applying learned writing techniques will not only help break poor writing habits, but will create a more developed writer for expressing ideas. Putting it all in writing allows more thinking time, an opportunity to search for a deeper understanding, and to make changes for improvements.

The following are the topics that have been reflected upon so far:
  • What are some ways to begin your reflections so that you have strong topic sentences?
  • How can good study habits help the outcome of your vocabulary tests?
  • Make a decision about your work; come up with your own topic sentence.
  • How are prepositional phrases important for written and oral communication?
  • What are my writing habits for sentence structure? What is necessary for writing complete thoughts?
  • Write a brief description of the tutorial that you completed on for improving on a deficient writing skill and explain what you learned from it.
  • Analyze the picture on the class blog under the heading "If the Walls Could Talk."
    Answer the questions for the thinking routine, See Think Wonder.

The following link provides writing prompts that promotes creativity. We will be choosing some of them to reflect on as well. Writing Prompts

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