Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Writing a Thesis and Using KWL for Brainstorming & Inquiry

You have now had your conference regarding a topic for research and have received approval. It is time to turn your topic into a thesis statement which will serve as your claim for your evaluative research paper. Your thesis needs to be one sentence and you need to use the main words of your title that you wrote. Try removing the How or Why of your title, but remember that you aren't limited to the words that remain. You can add phrases or clauses for more detail and complexity.

Your prior knowledge needs to be recorded so that you can distinguish between what information belongs to you and the new information that you will gather through your research. Using a KWL chart, record everything that you can recall about your thesis. Allow that thesis to be the focus of your research. Then, jot down questions that you want to learn about your topic. This will help guide your research if they are thoughtful, meaningful questions.

I found the following from that will help you with inquiry.

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