Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Specific Criteria for the Research Paper

The following are the requirements for your research paper:

*Font size 16

*Font style must be something traditional such as Times New Roman, Geneva, Ariel, Helvetica, etc.

*The First page is the title page that should have your approved topic centered in the middle of the page. Double space and center your first and last name. Double space again and center the due date May 17, 2010;

*The outline should be single spaced with your last name and the number 2 in the upper right hand corner.

*The body of the paper should be double spaced

*A minimum of 3 sources should be used

*A minimum of 2 paraphrases and 2 quotes should be used correctly in context.

*The bibliography page should have a heading and should be capitalized; the sources should be alphabetized according to the beginning word whether it is the author, editor, or title.

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  1. I think the hardest part of writing a term paper is getting the bibliography right. Are your students using easybib or another online citation generator or are you teaching them how?


  2. Good job,Lesley!Must say,it always interesting to read your posts,you are good writer!Keep working,me and my colleagues from Evolution Writers wish you luck!