Monday, April 18, 2011

Parenthetical Citations

As you research and find information to support your thesis, you will need to give credit to that source within the context of your paper.  This can be done with parenthetical citations which is an alternative to using footnotes.  Throughout your writing, you will need to reference someone else's ideas to support your own and you will accomplish this through paraphrasing or quotations;  you will need to provide the author’s name and the page number of the work in the text of your paper. The following are examples of parenthetical citations found from Mr. McLaughlin's Classes:

Even today, many children are born outside the safety of hospitals (Kasserman 182).

This indicates that you are using information found in a book by somebody named Kasserman (last name) and it was found on page 182.

You may also give the same information in another way, if you want to name the author in your sentence. You might want to do this to add variety to your paper:

According to Laura Kasserman, “many children today do not benefit from the sanitary conditions which are available in modern facilities” (182). Many children are born outside the safety of hospitals.

Be sure to use quotation marks when quoting someone directly.

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